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Full text of "Deed, Samuel Wells to Samuel Partridge, 1761"

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SoT^Co^atTon of the Sum oM} '^^'^^^P^^P;^^/^ 
and truly. ^ii by^*^^-t/t < <-t^/a 1 7l^ Ur 

ivery hereofwell \ 
...-^ ' lU-iL^ do hereby acknowledge^ 

the rotceipt ^X'Hefeof ^- — ^^^ w^i,..^^ av,».iiuwiv.ugw 
HA'\^ given granted bargained and fold, and by thele Prefents P9;;)give gra^ barg^ , 
fell auen enfeoff convey and confirm unto the faid r^^i-z-i^c^f ^^A^>/fvc/^f^^-^/v<.^ 

— "" - Heirs and AffignsJijrever 

// /// ^ 7 _ , . /Xi^ K t^^ ,*--» rf ><i^»^/ ^/>^// /L*_ .. . . ^) »' 




^0 i^^ljC^lJ to i^0ll5,*he faid Granted and Bargained Premifes with all the 
Commodities Privileges and AjpurtenanceA. xhe fame belonging or any Ways appertaining 
to^z^f^^ the faid ^ /^ri^iArVyaiA^ ^^^ A-*/ 


pi - ^ Heirs anfllyAffigos to ^Cm^nly^oper Ufe and Benefit for 

A-'«_the faid O^^-^/x^'tJi^^-^yO^CrJ'UA^t'^^ — For/>t;tt v 


o nereby Covenant Grant and Agree to and with the 
Heirs and A{Ilgns,tbat until the 

Heirs Executors and^dminifb-at^rS(di 

^z-t t^4/<iU. W^Ayy '1-^^ ^ -neirs ana Alngns,toat untu tne 

Delivery hereofi^K <!U:4:..--the lawful Owner ^of the faid Premifes c^tA-J lawfully feized! 

and pofTefFed thereof iii ^At^t-O own Right in Fee Simple, and have full Power and lawful 
Authority to grant and convey the fame in Manner aforefaid : That the faid Premifes 
are free and clear of all and every Incumbrance whacfoever 

And that/"-^x '<'*^'t,*l> Heirs Executes aijui ^miniflmors fhall and will Warrant the; 
fameto i^'it'^j^TL<^^<^^\^u^''^^<'^'i'h^ ^■^^^^''-■^^i ~- Heirs and. 


j7 rte^ J 




" \ 

. *"■ "S 

^%, ■ ••'♦'■N^